Continuous Employee Development and Empowerment

Human Resources

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Length: 1 Week

Type: In Classroom

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Course Outline

5 days course


The Learning Organisation and Individual Learning Strategies
  • What is learning?
  • Creating a learning organisation
  • Learning Strategies for Creating a Continuous Learning Environment
  • Individual Development Plans
  • The importance of learning styles
  • Individual SWOT plans – practical exercise


Employee Empowerment


  • Principles of employee empowerment
  • Benefits of employee empowerment
  • Empowering employees with transformational leadership
  • Cultural influences and constraints on empowerment
  • Communication systems to promote empowerment
  • Empowerment case study


Coaching for Development


  • Coaching as a development tool
  • Distinguishing between coaching and other interventions
  • Key Coaching Skills
  • The Coaching Cycle
  • Skills for Motivational Coaching
  • Plan and run a coaching session


Mentoring Programmes & Talent Management


  • Ground rules for a mentoring relationship
  • Most commonly used techniques among mentors
  • Mentoring relationships: formal and informal
  • Introduction to talent management
  • Talent management systems
  • Differentiating succession management & talent management


Putting it All Together


  • Develop a continuous development culture
  • Identifying the ‘disempowered’ workforce
  • Arguing the case for empowerment in your organisation
  • Becoming a learning organisation
  • Personal action planning