The Effective Accounts Assistant Training

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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

Available Dates


  • Oct-03-2022


  • Oct-24-2022


  • Nov-14-2022


  • Nov-28-2022


  • Dec-05-2022


  • Dec-19-2022


Course Details

Course Outline

5 days course


Comprehending different kinds of Financial Information


• Who uses financial information and why?
• The flow of information in a company.
• Recognising different kinds of information and what it is derived from.
• Fundamental accounting terminology explained.
• Reporting formats.


The Cash Cycle


• Cash versus profit.
• The flow of money in and out of a company.
• How this is managed and controlled.
• Customers & Suppliers: The collection and payment processes.
• Where finance comes from.
• Basic cash flow statements.


Inventory and Fixed Assets


• Establishing the value of a companies’ inventory.
• Different techniques of valuation.
• How fixed assets are recorded.
• Asset lives and depreciation.
• The physical verification of assets.


Financial Statements


• Comprehending the composition of the Profit and Loss Account.
• Computing profitability ratios.
• The Balance Sheet explained.
• Utilising financial ratios.
• Interpreting results and making comparisons between companies.


Costing and Budgeting


• How we classify costs and set standards.
• Different costing methods used in business.
• Basic forecasting techniques.
• Preparing a departmental budget.
• Comparing actual performance with the budget.