10 Quick Tips For Personalised Customer Service

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Posted on Apr 21, 2022 at 04:04 PM

Personalised customer service can be one of the easiest ways to stand out in today's market and keep your customers attached to your services.

While it takes some work upfront, the return on investment can be tremendous if you do it right.

To customise your services is to truly personalise, providing something of value that customers will appreciate in 10 quick tips to get you started with personalised customer service today!


What is personalised customer service?

Personalised customer service is creating a positive and memorable experience for your customers by providing a high level of service. This service is based on building relationships with customers and working hard to exceed their expectations. It’s about making your customers feel valued and appreciated so that your business will be the first to name and recommend speaking of high-quality services.


The following are examples of personalised customer service:

  • A travel agent who knows you like to travel during certain times of the year, with certain people, and in certain types of accommodation.
  • A hairdresser who remembers what type of hairstyle you prefer.
  • Someone at a store knows the types of things you buy and has those items ready for your next visit.
  • A hotel concierge asks if you have any special requests when you check-in.
  • A waiter at a restaurant asks if you would like the same drink as last time.

Personalised Customer Service

 10 Quick Tips for Personalised Customer Service

1- Use Several Communication Channels:

You cannot use one communication channel for all your customer's services because you need personalised customer service that is convenient to your individual customer's needs and because you want to gain your customer's loyalty with an available message.

Your personalised customer experience should provide a variety of channels for different purposes. For example, email is suitable for more complex queries; live chat is available for instant communication; phone calls are used for emergencies or urgent needs; SMS messages can be sent to notifications or invitations.

More than that, as implemented in the customer service excellence training course, there is no marketing technique to know which are the favourite tools for each customer, so provide unlimited communication possibilities to ensure customers' best services.


2- Personalised Your Website Experience:

Having a website is an essential marketing move nowadays, however. Before personalising your website, you need to collect profound records about your defined targeted customers with all the essential information to know them more and practical personalised customer service insights.

Based on collected customers' data, you can develop your website with a suitable template, language tone, and method for the most satisfactory personalised customer service, guaranteeing that they will come back again and buy more, boosting your brand awareness and public image.

With your personalised customer service, you will be able to promote your brand locally or internationally. It is the best way to promote loyalty among customers and achieve their trust and improve customer satisfaction.


3- Build a Loyalty Program:

Imagine you have a long-term customer who loves your brand and is loyal to you. You would do anything to keep this customer happy and come back for more, right?

You'd offer him an incentive now and then, something to say thank you for choosing your company over others.

A Loyalty program is a highly effective marketing move in your personalised customer service strategy. With many options, you can offer points to be replaced with items whenever your customers like, unique sales cards to use on your store's products or any other sister company of yours.

So, whether you build the program in-store, online, or both, this will mention precisely how much you support your regular customers; moreover, they will deliver excellent word-of-mouth marketing among their families and friends.


4- Study Your Past Customer's Experience:

To have a strong today's marketing strategy, you need to know all about personalised customer service and previous experiences.

By running data analysing, surveys, email campaigns, and social media studies to find out deeper details about your previous made services and their impact on consumers, then you can build an on-point approach for your personalised customer service that meets your user's needs and gives you a clear perspective about their behaviour, and what they are expecting from you.

This way of learning more about your customer is the best way to make them feel like they're with you.


5- Use Smooth Transition:

You can solve any problem quickly when you know it exists, and part of personalised customer service is constantly being available for any of your customers' messages.

However, having an easy and specific way of contacting you and your customers makes them feel like they can reach you at any time and allows them to send their problems to you rather than turn down the purchase process.

Don't forget to add a live chat box to your e-commerce company website to address a well and quickly contacting method and improve your consumer loyalty.


6- Do Campaigns on the Right Channel:

Please start with the customer service training courses in Dubai. The essential tip is to study your market and targeted audience before running any marketing campaign, to know where your clients are available, what they expect, the different brands they like, and other likely preferences.

Moreover, which is the most popular digital platform to market on in your targeted market, and use these data interactions effectively in your unique campaign.


7- Be Available on Social Media:

Can you name one friend who does not have social media! Probably, no! 

With today's strong effect of social media platforms in our lives, you cannot afford not to use them in your business marketing.

This will help you collect actual data and know your customers more, find what they like and dislike, build a personal relationship with them, and interact on several platforms. Using all of these practices will create better-personalised customer service.

Customers are now looking for this kind of treatment and care from brands they buy from, and they want to be heard and see that the company knows their needs and wants to fulfil them.


8- Share Customers' Reviews and Feedback:

We all like to be heard. When the company we like appreciates our feedback and opinion, we will like it even more, which is the ultimate marketing goal of personalised customer service.

On the other hand, ignoring customers' reviews may hurt the company, as when Forbes Report clarified that 55% of individuals might not come back when their opinions are ignored, so share your customer's feedback, the positive one as a "Thank You" move, and the negative one to highlight that you see it and will provide an actual solution.

9- Be Competitive:

Effective personalised customer service is based on showing your customers that you care about them, their benefits, and their satisfaction with your services.

More than that, presenting your business personalisation process as a competition to win them over from your industry competitors with offers, discounts, and personal communication, will not only show them that you care and make efforts to have them as customers but also build a personal relationship with each individual of them.


10- Regularly Update Personalised Customer Service:

As our last tip in this article, we advise you to update your personalisation experience constantly. The world around us is always developing and evolving, which means your customers are too, and your business should be.

You should always continue to collect recent data about your customers' needs and update your personalised customer service based on it.


Last but not least,

Personalised customer service is critical and powerful in our world, not only for your customers but also for your business to keep going strong in the targeted market.