Six Sigma Belt: Everything You Need to Optimise Your project

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Posted on Aug 03, 2022 at 08:08 PM

Six sigma belt is a specific methodology for project management, problem-solving and business quality improvement within the organisation. The main objective of the Lean Six Sigma certificate is to enable individuals to develop processes within the organisation and to explore and minimise mistakes as much as possible, in addition to better managing them.


The Lean six sigma system aims to follow a systematic way to manage errors by identifying problems, measuring them, and then analysing them to identify their causes and try to solve them correctly.


What is the concept of six sigma belts?

Six Sigma belt is a set of tools and techniques companies use to improve production processes, eliminate defects, and guarantee quality.


The Six Sigma belt is divided into several levels of experience called belts. Each belt has a specific colour: the white belt, the yellow belt, the green belt, the black belt, and the master black belt.


Implementing the Six Sigma methodology and tools that can help for improvement has become necessary to be followed in organisations, encouraging many to obtain it. Although, other reasons encourage you to master it. 

Six Sigma Belt: Everything You Need to  Optimise Your project

Why should you get Six Sigma certification?

In any career, We must have the skills and experience to get a job. You can gain These experiences by obtaining a Six Sigma belt certification. So; The reasons that encourage us to obtain this certificate are: 


Improved productivity

All companies’ operations need to do a detailed and comprehensive analysis of them to achieve the level of sustained quality improvement that organisations require—monitoring processes closely to ensure there is little to no deviation from the mean and taking corrective measures to reel in a project that may be straying from the path. You can learn Business quality improvement through quality training courses UK.


Ensure Compliance 

Six Sigma demands very high-quality standards. For this reason, many vendors and oversight organisations apply Six Sigma standards when evaluating products or accounts.


Management Ability

Six sigma certification confers skills and capabilities for entry into management positions. Because with it, you will be able to take over the administrative processes, such as risk management and assessment, knowing the percentage of financial profits, the ability to manage finances, and many other management tasks.


These reasons benefit employees when they obtain their Six Sigma belt certification. But the question is: How do companies benefit from employees who hold these certifications in particular?


Undoubtedly, increasing employees' skills and experience will benefit the company, the most important of which is to gain consumer trust & confidence. The higher the number of employees with Six Sigma belt certification, the higher the quality of the company's products and services, higher profits, and lower costs. 


Thus, the company advances its work, becomes a strong competitor, and gains the trust of its customers and the trust of investors, and this means better growth.

A company can reduce the turnover of its employees and reduce turnover losses. 

Six Sigma Belt: Everything You Need to  Optimise Your project

How do I choose one of the Six Sigma belt levels?

As mentioned above, Six sigma belts include certain levels, and each level entitles you to perform tasks in the company according to the experience gained from it. These levels are:


  1.  Sigma white belt

 The white belt level is considered the primary level within the belt levels, where the white belt certificate helps learn the basics of the six sigma methodology.

The roles of white belt holders engage with local problem-solving teams, and they always rely on those with more experience, such as yellow belt holders.


  1. Sigma Yellow belt

Sigma's yellow belt is a level ahead of the white belt as you increase your knowledge of the workings of Six Sigma belts and your ability to apply them.


  1. Sigma green belt

This level concerns quality problems and their resolution and participation in projects specialising in quality improvement processes. Sometimes green belt people can run an entire project, essentially taking over the leadership of it. We can say that they possess a comprehensive guide to improving project quality management.


  1. Sigma Black belt

The centre of the black belt can consider the primary level within the sigma belts. Black Belt holders are highly skilled, and they are the most qualified to be leaders in the business.


  1.  Master black belt

A master's black belt is a high-level experience and does not require learning skills in theory. Still, instead, it is the experience gained from continuous practice. You can obtain a Master's black belt level after five years of practice.

Those with these experiences undertake training and education operations in companies.


Six Sigma has greatly benefited organisations and employees. You benefit yourself and the company at work by obtaining a certificate in one of the six sigma stages. Hence, we realise the importance of six sigma belts.