The Importance of External Training in Career Development


Posted on Mar 22, 2021 at 08:03 PM

Training is of great importance in the time in which we live. The technological and scientific development is fast so that we constantly need to learn new skills and sciences.

The clearest example of development is the computer and its rapid developments, we need to learn new things in this field perhaps every week.

Or by observing the evolution of administrative science and the impact of globalisation on management concepts.

In industry we find that technological development makes us have to use advanced equipment and therefore need to be trained.

Training for Overcoming the Weaknesses has a Significant Impact and a Great Need at the Functional Career Levels for Several Reasons:

First: there are often basic skills and knowledge for work that are unknown to the employee.

Second: Lack of training of the lower levels in the work hierarchy means that the higher levels strictly supervise the work of the lower levels and perhaps do some of their work, resulting in neglecting the higher levels of their original work.

The employee may be able to do his work, but we train him to do the work of others so that we can rotate employees from one job to another. This is a method used in many modern management policies.

The process of rotating to employees between different jobs has many positive aspects, including: the employee’s lack of boredom as a result of doing the same work for years and years, the development of different experiences of the staff to enable them to hold senior management positions, as well as spreading experience with all employees, and the ability to cover any shortage in staff.

Another type of training is the so-called development and training the employees so that will enable them in the future to hold higher positions. Many companies train staff on the management skills of a manager so they can be in managerial positions when the organisation needs them.

External training is characterised by the fact that trainers may have a broader training experience and have a deeper theoretical and practical background.

External Training adds ideas from outside the organisation and allows employees to see another point of view and learn about the new techniques.

External Training courses separate the groupthink and offer a crisp viewpoint on how things are done. This can dramatically affect the organisation culture and the way things are done and pushing forward (either in a positive or a negative way).

External Training courses also give teams the chance to gain from industry specialists. The information shared by the tutors can be precious. They help organisations to snap out of their ‘tradition is the only way’ mindset and view things from another angle.

In regularly changing industries such as HR or marketing, this is fundamental for teams who want to emerge. It additionally future-proofs team’s and company’s knowledge because they’re gaining from someone whose job it is to focus on industry trends.

These tutors also have experience working with dozens – if not hundreds – of businesses, giving them more experience and helping them to pick up on patterns that they can share with training courses.

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