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Course Name Length
Advanced Organizational Development (OD) Practitioners Programme 5 Days
Advanced Teamwork and Cooperation Skills 5 Days
Best Practices in Multi Shift Operations 5 Days
Bowtie Risk Management and Mitigation 5 Days
Building Organisational development Capability: Strategy and Execution 5 Days
Business Planning – Development and Analysis Programme 10 Days
Business Process Analysis & Modelling 5 Days
Business Start-Up Training 5 Days
Business Strategy Essentials 5 Days
Change Management Strategies and Conflict Resolution 5 Days
Communication for Development (C4D) 3 Days
Continuous Innovation and Process Development Training 5 Days
Corporate governance and compliance Training 5 Days
Corporate Reputation Management 5 Days
Crisis Communication Management Training 5 Days
Crisis Management and Organisational Resilience 5 Days
Data Analysis Fundamentals Trasining 5 Days
Data Analysis Methods and Techniques 5 Days
Data Management, Manipulation and Analysis Using Excel 5 Days
Digital Transformation Strategy 5 Days
Directors Development Programme 5 Days
Effective Business Communication Techniques 5 Days
Effective Business Decisions Using Data Analysis 5 Days
Effective Communication Skills 5 Days
Effective Project Proposal and Report Writing 5 Days
Effective Virtual Communication Skills for Remote Teams 5 Days
Fundamentals of Investment Management 5 Days
Integrated Management Systems and Risk Management Strategies 10 Days
Introduction to Organisational Resilience 5 Days
Key Account Management Best Practice 5 Days
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Optimisation 5 Days
Knowledge Management Essentials 5 Days
Major Account Planning Training 5 Days
Management Skills for New Managers 5 Days
Managing Data Protection Compliance 5 Days
Mastering Supervisory Skills 5 Days
Monitoring & Evaluation for Governance 5 Days
Open Data Management Techniques Training 5 Days
Operations Design Management Training 5 Days
Organisational Development Masterclass 5 Days
Portfolio Management Professional Certificate 5 Days
Portfolio Performance Measurement & Attribution Analysis 5 Days
Preparation For Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)® Certification 5 Days
Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation of Feasibility Studies 5 Days
Public Sector Management and Reform 5 Days
Risk Management Professional Training 5 Days
Strategic Planning, Communication, Measurement and Implementation 10 Days
Strategic Planning, Development and Implementation Training 5 Days
Strategic Portfolio Management & Asset Allocation 5 Days
Strategic Thinking for the CXO 5 Days
The Role of the Director and the Board 5 Days
The Role of the Managing Director 5 Days
Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills 5 Days