Essential skills for HR professionals

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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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  • Oct-10-2022


  • Oct-31-2022


  • Nov-07-2022


  • Nov-28-2022


  • Dec-12-2022


  • Dec-26-2022


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Course Outline

5 days course

Building an Effective Foundation  
  • The case for Effective People Management
  • The role of effective Talent Identification and Selection in helping the business achieve its corporate goals
  • Creating effective job descriptions, key selection criteria and competencies required to prepare for the process
  • Assessment centres and selection techniques to achieve better predictive accuracy
  • Evidence based Behavioural Based Interviews and other assessments
  • Effective selection and screening methods
Human Resources and Communication
  • Definition of Communication
  • Communication in HR
  • Characteristics of an Effective HR Communicator
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Listening and Empathy
  • Interviewing Techniques: 
    • The STAR Technique
    • The FACT Technique
    • The Probing Technique
    • The Leading Technique
  • Basics of Public Speaking


HR Business Communication and HR Report


  • Basics of Business Writing
  • Writing HR Reports 
  • Common Mistakes in Writing HR Correspondence and Reports
  • Examples of HR Correspondence and Reports
Conflict Resolution: A Required Skill for HR Professionals
  • Definition of Conflict
  • Sources of Conflict in HR
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Model 
  • Influencing Skills
  • Practical Applications in HR




  • Informal and formal approaches
  • suspension
  • employee rights
  • investigations
  • witness statements
  • handling disciplinary hearings and appeal
Emotional Intelligence: The Base for Honing HR Professional Competencies
  • Definition of Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Management
  • The Importance of EI for HR Professionals
  • Developing EI Competencies 
  • Daily Applications in the HR Environment


Talent Management


  • Talent Management and productivity goals
  • Recruiting & Selecting Exceptional Internal and External Talent
  • Ensuring effective Orientation and Retention of Talent
  • Role of Employee Engagement and Motivation
  • Effective Development of Talent
  • Succession Planning for sustainability and business continuity
Motivation and Recognition
  • Understanding Motivation in the organisational context
  • Meaningful objectives and alignment to work
  • Effective Recognition techniques
  • Effective Employee Engagement
  • Workshop Learning reviews
  • Action planning for Sustainability


Coaching and Counselling Employees and Line Managers


  • Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring
  • Importance of Coaching and Counselling to HR Professionals
  • Difference between Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring