Public-private partnership Management (PPPM)

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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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  • Apr-03-2023


  • May-08-2023


  • June-05-2023


  • July-03-2023


  • Aug-07-2023


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Course Outline

5 days course

Dynamics of PPPs
  • Appreciate the nature of PPPs

  • Understand the scope and structure of PPPs

  • Recognise the challenges both public and private sectors face

  • Understand how PPPs are financed

  • Identify the principal limitations of PPPs

  • Commercial landscape and background to PPPs

  • PPP types and structures

  • How PPPs are financed

  • Implications of fiscal commitments

  • Limitations and pitfalls of PPP procurement

Development and Implementation of a PPP Transaction
  • Develop an appropriate procurement strategy

  • Understand how to develop an output specification

  • Identify key qualification and evaluation criteria

  • Appreciate what financial close means

  • Understand how to deal with unsolicited bids

  • Procurement strategies

  • Managing the bid process

  • Performance-based output specifications

  • Reaching financial close

Structuring the PPP Contract
  • Identification, assessment and allocation of principal risks

  • Performance and service requirements

  • Different payment mechanisms

  • Management and resolution of disputes

  • Triggers and implications of termination

Managing Other Key Elements of PPP Contracts
  • Distinguish between relief and compensation events

  • Understand price and payment issues

  • Identify types of warranty and guarantee

  • Recognise other key liability issues

  • Understand the nature of ‘step-in’ rights

  • Compensation and other relief events

  • Price and payment terms

  • Warranties, guarantees and Indemnities

  • Intellectual property

  • ‘Step-in’ rights

 Operation of the PPP Contract
  • Appreciate the nature of the relationship between public and private partners

  • Understand ways of monitoring delivery and risk

  • Recognise how to deal with change

  • Develop a practical ability to manage contract expiry

  • Identify key elements of asset handover

  • Relationship management between public and private partners

  • Monitoring performance delivery and risk

  • Dealing with change

  • Managing contract expiry

  • Handover of the asset or service

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