Introduction to Warehouse Operations

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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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  • Dec-06-2022


  • Dec-20-2022


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5 days course


Introduction to Warehousing
  • Understanding Warehousing.
  • The value of Warehousing.
  • The objectives of Warehousing.
    • Warehouse Resources.
    • Customer Requirements.
  • Design, Analysis, Control, and Maintenance of Warehousing Operations.


Building a Warehouse Plan
  • Warehouse Planning Methodology.
  • Space Planning for Receiving and Shipping.
    • Define the Materials Received and Shipped.
    • Determine the Dock Bay Requirements.
    • Determine Other Vehicle Interface Requirements.
    • Understanding the Allowances for Manoeuvring Inside the Warehouse.
    • Understanding the Buffer Area and Staging Area Requirements.
    • Understanding the Space Requirements for Dock-Related Activities.
  • Space Planning for Storage Activities.
    • Define the Materials to BE Stored.
    • Determine the Storage Philosophy.
    • Determine the Space Requirements for Alternative Storage Methods.
  • Creating Preliminary Designs for Material Handling.
  • Creating Preliminary Designs for Warehouse Layout.
  • Conclusion.


Developing a Warehouse Information System Plan


  • Warehouse Information Management.
  • Establishing Information Systems Requirements.
    • Develop a Graphical Representation of the System.
    • Identify Decisions and Decision Makers.
    • Write Requirements Statements and Define Data Needs.
    • Determine Levels of Automation.
    • Software Selection.
  • Data Entry and Data Management.
  • Writing Up the Information System Plan.
  • Conclusion.


Equipment Planning


  • Warehouse Equipment Planning Methodology.
    • Define Functions to Be Performed.
    • Identify Equipment Alternatives.
    • Evaluate the Equipment Alternatives.
    • Present Value.
    • Evaluating Alternatives: A case Study.
    • Select the Equipment.
    • Identify and Select the Vendor.
  • Conclusion


Types of Warehouse Equipment


  • Dock Equipment.
  • Storage Equipment.
  • Material Handling Equipment.
  • Conclusion.


Planning Warehouse Staff Requirements


  • Determine the Tasks to Be Performed.
  • Determine the Operating and Clerical Personnel Requirements.
  • Determine Administrative Personnel Requirements.


Planning Warehouse Personnel-Related Areas and Services


  • Warehouse Offices.
  • Food Services.
  • Lavatories.
  • Locker Rooms.
  • Medical Facilities
  • Safety Concerns
  • Employee Parking