Comprehensive Guide to Project Management

Project Management

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Duration: 1 Week

Fees: 1,390

Type: Online

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  • Nov-08-2021


  • Dec-06-2021


  • Jan-03-2022


  • Feb-07-2022


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Course Outline

5 days course

Project management context
  • Defining a project and project management

  • Understanding project and product life cycles

  • Understanding the key tasks of project management to drive success

  • How to structure projects to succeed and the use of critical success factors

Scoping and Work definition
  • Capturing and managing customer and user needs, wants and aspirations to determine the scope of project requirements

  • How to plan to control project requirements

  • Agreeing the architecture of a solution

  • Managing scope change

  • Planning the route to project closure

  • Formulating a work breakdown structure

  • The importance of work breakdown structures in change management

Scheduling and Principles of project review and control
  • Activity definition and sequencing

  • Deliverables and milestones

  • Overview of scheduling methods

  • Evaluating how to, or how not to, shorten your project schedule

  • Review process and judging whether a review has been successful

  • Understanding the types and objectives of schedule reviews

  • The construction of a typical schedule review agenda


Leadership and risk management 
  • Handling project risk

  • Risk concepts and the risk management process

  • Leadership and motivation

  • Understanding why motivation matters and its impact on team roles and performance

  • Typical project manager leadership characteristics

Reporting and conferring
  • The need for reporting and communication

  • Communications planning

  • Summary reporting for stakeholders

  • Why confer as well as report?