EPCIC Contract Management in Offshore and Marine

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Date: Mar-20-2023

Length: 1 Week

Fees: 1,375

Type: Online

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Course Outline

5 days course

EPCIC Overview, Legal Framework & Contract Structure and Risk Allocation
  • EPCIC, EPC. EPCM Contract Structure and Strategy
  • Maximizing parties’ rights and interests
  • Contractor’s single point of responsibility and its effects on parties
  • Fixed Price Lump Sum Contracts
  • Split contract structures to minimize tax and legal exposure
  • EPCIC used in Shipbuilding Contracts for “Floaters” and floating platforms
  • Collaborative contract strategies to avoid the “blame game
Tender Process Leading to an EPCIC Contract 


  • Legal, Technical and Commercial Pre-qualification of tenderers
  • Best practices in tender evaluations and selection of tenderer
  • Important of scope of work and specifications and terms and conditions
  • Exceptions – what to accept and what to deny
  • Finalising tender negotiations & Award
  • LOI and LOA essential terms and legal effects
  • Exercise on the selection process and main elements to ensure a successful tender exercise
Negotiating Essential Contractual Terms of EPCIC Contracts 
  • Identifying Critical Issues in the Project Life-cycle
  • Managing Cost Impact Clauses like Delay, Price Fluctuations
  • Indemnities and Other Liabilities, MAC Clauses, HSE
  • Changes in Law and Regulations in Host Country & Stabilization Clauses
  • Political Risk Insurance
  • Force Majeure & Termination for Cause and without Cause
Essential Aspects of Risk Management Strategies


  • Design, Technology & Process Risk
  • Procurement & Specification risk
  • Variations and Cost Impact
  • Payment and Multi- currency Contracts
  • Delay, Liquidated Damages and Extensions of Time (EOT)
  • Completion and Testing & Effects of Acceptance
  • Using Contractual Clauses to Manage Liabilities and Risks
Contract Completion – Critical Issues


  • Acceptance of Punch List of Defects - What is the effect?
  • Passing of Tile and Risk - Safety & Insurance
  • Warranties and Guarantees
  • Passing of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Defects - Exculpatory Clauses
  • Dealing with Disputes – Considering the Different Options
  • Discussion on Issues Participants have Faced and How It was Handled

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