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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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  • July-04-2022


  • Aug-15-2022


  • Sep-26-2022


  • Oct-03-2022


  • Oct-17-2022


  • Nov-07-2022


  • Nov-28-2022


  • Dec-12-2022


  • Dec-20-2022


  • Dec-26-2022


  • Dec-27-2022


  • Jan-17-2023


Course Details

Course Outline

5 days course


Strategic quality management and strategic thinking


  • Quality evolution and concepts
  • Dimensions of product quality
  • Dimensions of service quality
  • Quality management system: the components
  • The core principles of strategic quality management
  • Strategic deployment of quality frameworks and excellence awards
  • European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)
  • Evaluation of strategic management
  • Strategic thinking versus strategic planning in quality departments
  • The strategic planning and control process
  • Benefits of strategic management to the quality professional
  • Barriers of strategic implementation
  • The building blocks of strategic planning


Analysis of the environment


  • Situation analysis tools in quality departments
  • Quality stakeholders analysis
  • Defining quality visions and missions
  • Developing a quality statement
  • Setting quality strategic goals
  • Identifying critical success factors in quality
  • Key result areas and key performance indicators
  • Core competencies and core values


Targets and Innovative Strategies


  • Setting targets for quality department
  • Concept of objectives of “Financial” vs “Non-Financial”
  • How to attain excellence in strategic quality management
  • Case studies on strategies of quality management in quality departments
  • Importance of key result areas in quality department


Planning for “Vision to Action”


  • How to move your vision to action?
  • Methods of creating quality related advantages/initiatives
  • Effective action plans
  • How to connect targets, strategies, action plans and budgets?
  • Plan for quality department


Monitoring the Achievement of Quality Management Strategies


  • How to achieve control in quality?
  • Understanding the key result areas and using it to create KPI’s
  • How to set goals/targets
  • Keeping a balanced scorecard for the quality department
  • Using Key Result Areas (KRAs) to create KPIs for process control
  • Examples on quality KPIs
  • Types of Measures
  • Quality dashboard
  • The balanced scorecard for the quality department

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