Negotiating and Dispute Resolutions

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Date: Jan-23-2023

Length: 1 Week

Fees: 1,300

Type: Online

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Course Details

Course Outline

5 days course

Fundamentals of Negotiation


  • Methodology of negotiation and understanding the do’s and don’ts in negotiations
  • Why/how disputes occur? And how to resolve them
  • Negotiation break-down and its impact commercially
  • Understanding the concept of (BATNA)- best alternative to a negotiated agreement
  • 4 stages of negotiation – preparation, opening, bargaining and closure
Negotiation Tools


  • Understanding the need for information
  • Learning to draft a proposal for discussion
  • Discussion phase or “How to start a discussion?”
  • Learning “how to bargain?” and “how to close?”
Techniques of Negotiation and its Tactics/Plots


  • Understanding the difference of cultural and international issues
  • Concept of 3 types of negotiators – Red, purple and blue
  • How to understand body language
  • Importance of non-verbal communication
  • “Time is Money”
  • Analysing the tactics/plots and thus responding effectively
How to Deal with Difficult Negotiations?


  • Importance on active team negotiation
  • Learning to propose and persuade
  • Learning on how to act as a mediator in negotiation
  • Understanding the concept of “Focusing on Interests rather than positions”
Practical Applications


  • Case studies on effective negotiations
  • Analyse your performance
  • Practical training and action planning
  • Allocation of team and training to negotiate
  • Review of the course and “Question and Answer session”

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