Human Resources Courses (Online)

Human Resource Training Courses are aimed at teaching HR professionals  applicable knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be used in their job, HR Training courses increase the organizational commitment of the employees; employees training involve more than basic skills, the commitment among employees increases, employees will work hard for the organizational goals, 
LPC Training provides high-quality Live Online Human Resource Training Courses by the top  experts in this field 

All Courses

Course Name Length
Advanced Employee Relations 5 Days
Advanced Interviewing Techniques 5 Days
An Introduction to Human Resources 5 Days
Career Development and Succession Planning 5 Days
Change Management for HR (CMHR) 5 Days
Compensation and Benefits Management 5 Days
Compensation and Benefits Strategy Masterclass 5 Days
Compensation, Benefit Administration & Reward Management 5 Days
Competencies - Design, Development and Implementation 5 Days
Competency-Based Management Training 5 Days
Conflict in the Workplace and Change Management: HR’s Role 5 Days
Continuous Employee Development and Empowerment 5 Days
Designing & Implementing Competency Frameworks 5 Days
Designing and Implementing a Performance Management System 5 Days
Diversity awareness in workplace 5 Days
e-HR: Modern Trends and Applications 5 Days
Effective HR Administration Skills 5 Days
Effective HR Metrics and Analytics 5 Days
Effective Performance Review 5 Days
Employee Engagement and Retention 5 Days
Employee Relations: Roles and Responsibilities 5 Days
Essential skills for HR professionals 5 Days
Essential Skills for the Modern HR Practitioner 5 Days
Facilitation Skills for Trainers and Team Leaders 5 Days
HR Business Partner skills 5 Days
HR in Business 5 Days
HR Processes, Culture & Change Management 10 Days
Human Resource Auditing Training 5 Days
Human Resource Management Practices and Processes 5 Days
Human Resources compliance: purpose and risk 5 Days
Human Resources KPIs Benchmarking HR Performance (HR KPIs) 5 Days
Incorporating Risk Management in your HR policy 5 Days
Job Proficiency and Performance 5 Days
Leadership Bootcamp for HR Professionals 5 Days
Leading Strategic HR Transformation 5 Days
Manage and Improve Employee Performance 5 Days
Managing and Coordinating Training 5 Days
People Analytics: Transforming HR Strategy with Data Science 5 Days
Pioneer HR Practices for Managers and Team Leaders 5 Days
Pioneer Skills for the HR Professionals 5 Days
Resourcing and Talent Management 5 Days
Risk Management for Human Resources 5 Days
Simplification of Work Processes and Procedures 5 Days
Strategic Human Resources Management 5 Days
Strategic Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection 5 Days
Strategic Workforce Planning 5 Days
Teamwork and Cooperation Skills, Best Practices 5 Days
The Effective HR Advisor 5 Days
Training of Trainers (TOT) 5 Days
Writing HR Policies and Procedures 5 Days